Donations to all the Power Progress Community projects

Thanks to your donations we can realize our actual projects: Open Hardware Notebook PowerPC Notebook, Open Source Laptop Chassis Designs,Debian PPC64 Repository, Revivo with Scratch, start newer projects and be present on the web and in physical meetings.

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All your liberal donations to Power Progress Community will be used to:

  • support our projects:
  • web hosting and wordpress plugins licenses costs, other plugin donations
  • bank and tax bank costs
  • donations to others open hardware and open source projects
  • other online services needed to goals of the associations ( donations or costs)
  • fix old notebooks useful in the children educational meeting ( Revivo for Scratch)
  • buy boards useful to debug software or hardware related to our project (ex.: boards and cards to test the T2080 rdb )
  • be present in physical meetings ( helping the cost for print pamplets, book place)

Our Association Presentation

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