The Power Progress Community was first conceived while working at the PowerPC GNU/linux notebook project, that kicked off in October 2014. During these years the initiative gathered people truly passionate about Free and Open Source software, PowerPC and more generally Open hardware and sustainable, ethical, and socially aware responsible consumption. Altogether we decided to establish this association, a way for helping and supporting the original initiative, and even support new greater future ideas and projects.

The Association promotes and disseminates software (especially open source software), and open hardware (with focus on, but not limited to, PowerPC and OpenPower architectures) with the aim of sharing knowledge and expertise.

The association will facilitate access and use of these open hardware solutions to a broader range of potential users, included those not accustomed to any computer use.

The Association’s goals are:

  • facilitating the adoption of software for open hardware solutions by individuals, private, and business users, non-profit associations, and the public sector, especially in the educational and research sectors;
  • making fully usable old or dismissed hardware which is extremely cheap thanks to open source software solutions, making the platform accessible to people that cannot afford the latest hardware generations;
  • promoting digital literacy and spreading the awareness and use of technological solutions based on open source operating systems;
  • supporting and improving the innovation and the scientific progress aimed at a variety of provisions, helping reducing the risk of monopolistic situations;
  • making heterogeneous open hardware prototypes that will be accessible to a broader range of potential users, following the open hardware philosophy where possible;
  • promoting activities for porting to open hardware solutions the existing software already available for other platforms, the development of new software, the maintenance of the existing software, and the localization of the related documentation.

Complete statute of the association here.