Yearly membership

By becoming a member, you will be able to participate to the annual Assembly of Members for revising the association financial balance, you may participate to internal planning discussions, and may vote when there is an important decision.

The yearly membership fee will be used to pay:

  • web hosting of our websites – which is around 310€ a year
    • and the others third levels domains
    • and the others third level domains
  • plugin for managing the donation campaign that interfaces with PayPal and Stripe that cost around 125€ a year
  • bank and tax bank costs which is around 160€ a year
Variable costs related to our involvement
  • association activities such as the switch from closed source software to open source and preferably self-hosted and alternative softwares such as nextcloud, collabora, irc, jitsi, BigBlueButton;
  • regenerate old hardware, and support the knowledge and passion transfer for alternative architectures to the younger generations, as well as teaching them how to become accustomed with Linux and programming (example Revivo with Scratch School project ).
Based on what is left, the remaining funds will be used for supporting activities such as:
  • buying pieces of hardware or software useful for our projects like the PowerPC laptop
  • finance ppc64 big endian patches, u-boot configuration,other software needs
  • finance other open hardware designs
  • finance open hardware notebook chassis design
  • participating to conferences
  • printing posters, leaflets, T-Shirts
  • support and collaborate with other associations

All people involved works on a voluntary basis and is not getting paid.
If you like our activities, you may also consider donating using this page.

Download the membership application form below as   PDF   ODT   DOCX and send it to the email written in the document.

To the Governing Board
of Power Progress Community

Title _______ Name and Surname* _______________________________________

Place of birth ____________________________________________________________

Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY) ___________ Nationality* __________________________

Home Address _______________________________________ Postal code _______

City* _________________________________________ State or Province _________

Country* _________________________________________________________________

Mobile phone ________________________ Web nickname* __________________

e-mail* ___________________________________________________________________

Occupation _______________________________________________________________

* required fields

to become member of the POWER PROGRESS COMMUNITY association for the current year.

I have read, accept and will comply to the terms and conditions expressed in the statute of the Association, of which I share aims and objectives, and I also declare that I will comply to the resolution approved by the Association Bodies.

New membership   [  ]  or   Renewing membership  [  ]

The current yearly membership fee due is € 30.
A discounted membership fee of € 10 is available for students or for people coming from the so called “developing countries”. The list of countries falling into this group is the one as defined by the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).

I would like to apply for a discounted membership fee  [  ]

The present request does not imply any commitment nor obligation for the next year.

I, the undersigned, declare that the information given in this application is correct and is given in good faith, and I accept what reported above.

Date ______________ Signature _______________________________________

I authorise the use of my personal data in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 solely for performing actions strictly related to the Power Progress Community Association activities, that will keep this personal information confidential.

Date ______________ Signature _______________________________________


The application form must be filled, printed, signed, scanned, then sent to
membership at
Together with the scanned application form, please, provide the receipt of the € 30 (€ 10 for students or people from developing countries) credit transfer.

It’s available membership payment via Stripe you can you use this link

Payment method 1 – Bank credit transfer

These are the bank account details for donating

Bank name Banca Etica
IBAN IT94X0501801600000012339610

Purpuse membership + YEAR + your NAME and SURNAME
(e.g..: “membership 2018 John Cocke”)

Payment method 2 – PayPal

You may send the donation using PayPal to

Thank you!
In this case, please add a comment providing your Name and Surname, otherwise we may unable to trace back who is the donor.
In the future we will activate a dedicated subscription page on the website

The application acceptance will be notified to the e-mail address specified in the form.