Call for Membership 2024

Currently, Power Progress Community, our not-for-profit association responsible for running the notebook project, consists of around twenty members that pay the annual fee of 30 euros. In addition, there are recurrent donors, which are another twenty (being five of them members of the association)

Membership 2022


  • Knowledge in solidarity and in the service of liberation from conditions of constraint and oppression and for freedom of choice.
  • Creating social conditions of equal opportunities.
  • Dissemination of the conscious use and utilisation of freedom-respecting technologies that do not become an information mine for “surveillance capitalism”.
  • Dissemination in all sections of the population and especially those far removed from the world of information technology.
  • Make the world an happier place for everyone.
  • Design Open Hardware which is accessible to the widest possible range of people.
  • Facilitate the re-use of dismissed or low-cost hardware by means of open source and free software.
  • Encourage people to use open source and free software.
  • Adopting the Open Science paradigm that will facilitate a convenient collaboration among all involved subjects, where research data, lab notes and other research results are freely available to anyone as soon as possible and taking advantage of modern communication technologies, letting anyone to redistribute and reuse anything without restrictions, following the rule “as open as possible and as closed as necessary”.

Paying 30 euros to become a member of the association allows you to take part in the decisions made about the PowerPC notebook project, by participating in our internal discussions.

Collected funds are used to support the expenses required for the various websites we run on commercial hosting companies and to pay for the donation platform, a commercial product we use for managing the funds, at the moment for the PowerPC project only.

How the membership fee will be used

Fixed costs

  • web hosting of our websites – which is around 310€ a year
  • plugin for managing the donation campaign that interfaces with PayPal that cost around 125-500€ a year
  • bank and tax bank costs which is around 200€ a year

Variable costs related to our involvement

  • association activities such as the switch from closed source software to open source and preferably self-hosted and alternative softwares such as nextcloud, collabora, irc, jitsi, BigBlueButton;
  • regenerate old hardware, and support the knowledge and passion transfer for alternative architectures to the younger generations, as well as teaching them how to become accustomed with Linux and programming (example Revivo with Scratch School project ).

Based on what is left, the remaining funds will be used for supporting activities such as:

  • buying pieces of hardware or software useful for our projects like the PowerPC laptop
  • finance ppc64 big endian patches, u-boot configuration,other software needs
  • finance other open hardware designs
  • finance open hardware notebook chassis design
  • participating to conferences
  • printing posters, leaflets, T-Shirts
  • support and collaborate with other associations

Our association focus in supporting alternative technologies as a way to guarantee the freedom of choice, allowing anyone to opt for solutions that are not mainstream, even at the cost of minor downsides. The more we are, the more viable these alternatives becomes.

Joining the association is a win win situation if you like to be protagonist in our projects because its a coherent and happy move. With your membership to the PPC association, we could be more intelligent and strong to face our goal. The Association mission is not limited to this project but is open to other projects that aim passion for Free Software and Hardware and

“Knowledge in solidarity and in the service of liberation from conditions of constraint and oppression and for freedom of choice.”, “Creating social conditions of equal opportunities.” and other goals.

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